Funded by Innovation Norway

Funded by Innovation Norway

Funded by Innovation Norway, WAI will demonstrate our innovative solution for organic waste valorisation in China.

WAI Environmental Solutions AS is very pleased with the valuable support from Innovation Norway in the Norway-China GreenTech R&D Collaboration project.

For the huge rural municipal sludge and agricultural waste treatment markets in China, WAI Environmental Solutions AS and their Chinese partner will integrate their respective resources and advantages to jointly develop the WAI PyADC process (Pyrolysis enhanced biosolids Anaerobic Digestion and post-Composting). 

The project will demonstrate in full-scale the comprehensive treatment and valorisation of rural wastes from a 50,000-people community in the Jiangsu Province in China. The PyADC is an innovative combination of biological- and thermochemical-treatment of organic waste. The resources and energy from over 4000 tons of wastes per year will be recovered and utilized locally. 

Besides demonstrating the technological advancement of the PyADC process and its numerous positive impacts on the environment, it will also explore sustainable business models. The main goal of the project is to develop and promote a comprehensive and circular treatment and recovery process that meets the characteristics of Chinese and other rural areas.

For further information about the PyADC project and other WAI Environmental Solutions AS activities, please contact Steinar Danielsen, CEO, on