Metallurgical Biocarbon

WAI metallurgical biocarbon products are designed and engineered for metallurgical industries, such as iron and steel, ferrosilicon, silicon, ferromanganese, ferrochromium, aluminum etc. The products can directly replace metallurgical coal and coke in metallurgical processes without involving new infrastructure investment.

Each ton of biocarbon can replace 1-1.3 tons of fossil carbons which results in significant amounts of carbon emission reduction in furnaces. Besides carbon emission reduction, WAI biocarbon can also reduce sulfur and heavy metal emissions in metallurgical furnaces. Three product series are developed and ready for orders. More product series are under development.

Injection Biocarbon (IBC)

IBC is designed for injecting into a furnace through injection pipes after pulverization.

Charge Biocarbon (CBC)

With superior compression strength and thermal strength, CBC is designed to be top charged into a furnace. Fixed carbon and volatile contents of CBC can be customized according to end-users’ requests.

Premium Biocarbon (PBC)

PBC is exclusively designed for high-required metallurgical industry. It has a good balance of fixed carbon and volatile contents and maintains high compression strength under high temperatures.

Typical WAI Biocarbon Values

Questions about Biocarbon?

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Ran Tao

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