Innovations for a circular and sustainable future

WAI Environmental Solutions provides innovative solutions to improve sustainability of the high carbon emission companies and the waste management industry.


WAI Environmental Solutions will collaborate with Tschudi Bio Company, and Bergene Holm to establish the first large scale CarbonWorks® biocarbon production facility in Norway.

Industrial plants called CarbonWorks®  use biocarbon as a reducing agent to produce metallurgical biocarbon and thermal- and electrical-energy.


  • Located at the Bergene Holm sawmill in Haslestad, Vestfold
  • To be commissioned in 2024
  • Use biocarbon to replace fossil-carbon as a reducing agent
  • Process 60,000 tons of sawmill by-products and demolition wood
  • Produce 9,000 tons of metallurgical quality biocarbon, 52 GWh thermal energy, and 7 GWh electricity annually
  • Reduce emissions by 27,000 tons CO2 annually

Pyrolysis - Competitive solutions for organic waste valorisation

Sewage sludge 
Hazardous waste 
Plastic-containing waste
• Internal heating or external heating

• Capacity 100-5000 kg/hour per unit

• Operation temperature 400-800 oC

• Retention time 20-90 minutes

• Energy recovered for drying

• Purposed-made biochar and bio-oil

WAI Pyrolysis Pilot Unit

Synolys® - Double biomethane yield in the most carbon negative way

Synolys® Introduction

Synolys® is a game-changing technology that enables existing biomethane plants worldwide to reduce production costs, meet future regulations and maximize decarbonization effects. It combines biological and thermo-chemical processes to achieve double biomethane yield and negative carbon emission.

• Double biogas yield
• Convert non-conventional feedstocks to more biogas
• Convert negative value digestate to positive value biochar
• Eliminate microplastics and pharmaceutical residues
• Meet future regulations
• Maximize CO2 emission reduction
• Capture carbon in the biochar