Innovations for a circular and sustainable future

WAI Environmental Solutions provides innovative solutions to improve sustainability of the high carbon emission companies and the waste management industry.


CarbonWorks® is WAI’s brand name for individual biocarbon production facilities. 

CarbonWorks® represents an entire biocarbon production process including: 
  • feedstock storage and pre-treatment
  • pyrolysis
  • syngas combustion and heat recovery
  • flue gas treatment
  • biocarbon formulation stages
The CarbonWorks process can in-take the following feedstocks:  
  • forest residue (especially sawmill by-products, such as sawdust, wood chips, bark and shavings)
  • forest logging residues
  • demolition wood, garden waste
  • pulp & paper
  • biorefinery waste 
Besides biocarbon, CarbonWorks® plants also produce renewable energy in the forms of hot water, steam, electricity. 
For electricity production, CarbonWorks® engages an Organic Ranking Cycle (ORC) technology.
CarbonWorks® plants will be built according to all applicable laws, regulations and standards and addressing all relevant EHS (environment, health and safety) measures.
CarbonWorks® meets all emission requirements using BAT (Best Available Techniques) for cleaning flue gas.

   A standard CarbonWorks® plant can:

  • process 60,000 tons of sawmill by-products and waste wood annually
  • produce 10,000 tons of biocarbon pellets and 55 GWh renewable energy annually
  • reduce 33,000 tons CO2 emissions in metallurgical industry annually
  • meet new requirements for emissions to air
  • reduce 90% truck traffic from sawmill by converting bulky by-products to dense biocarbon pellets
  • save sawmill investment on new boilers by supplying hot water to sawmills
  • create higher value for sawmill by-products and waste wood, and realize material recycling

Pyrolysis - Competitive solutions for organic waste valorisation

Sewage sludge 
Hazardous waste 
Plastic-containing waste
• Internal heating or external heating

• Capacity 100-5000 kg/hour per unit

• Operation temperature 400-800 oC

• Retention time 20-90 minutes

• Energy recovered for drying

• Purposed-made biochar and bio-oil

WAI Pyrolysis Pilot Unit

Synolys® - Double biomethane yield in the most carbon negative way

Synolys® Introduction

Synolys® is a game-changing technology that enables existing biomethane plants worldwide to reduce production costs, meet future regulations and maximize decarbonization effects. It combines biological and thermo-chemical processes to achieve double biomethane yield and negative carbon emission.

• Double biogas yield
• Convert non-conventional feedstocks to more biogas
• Convert negative value digestate to positive value biochar
• Eliminate microplastics and pharmaceutical residues
• Meet future regulations
• Maximize CO2 emission reduction
• Capture carbon in the biochar