Turning Norwegian Sawdust into Super Activated Carbon for Batteries

Turning Norwegian Sawdust into Super Activated Carbon for Batteries

Beyonder, WAI Environmental Solutions and Tschudi Bio Company have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly explore industrialization and develop full scale production of Super Activated Carbon.

There is an increasing demand for environmentally sustainable battery technologies to replace the minerals used in current technologies. Beyonder’s battery technology is based on using Super Activated Carbon (SAC) produced from sawmill by-products. Beyonder is partnering with WAI and Tschudi Bio Company (TBC) to explore business opportunities, development of manufacturing steps and industrialization of the production of SAC, and tailor the carbon product to enhance battery performance in different applications.

Beyonder´s patented battery technology is developed using sawdust from the Norwegian forestry industry. SAC cathode enables Beyonder batteries to operate at a higher power, more durable and fast charging than conventional batteries. Beyonder have for some time produced electrode materials for batteries and supercapacitors from sawdust.

‘’To meet the demand of the global battery market, we must establish an industrial pilot and full-scale production of super active carbon, as well as optimize the quality and quantity of the production’’, says Beyonder´s project leader Dick van de Kleut.

Enhancing forest resources
The production is intended to be co-located with WAI/TBC’s CarbonWorks at Bergene Holm sawmill in Haslestad which will supply quality raw materials.

‘’We welcome the opportunity to efficiently recycle and reuse sawdust within the battery value chain’’, says Erland Løkken, Managing Director of Bergene Holm.

‘’The Super Activated Carbon is a very interesting and advanced product, and we are excited to have been selected as partner in the development project’’, says Steinar Danielsen, CEO of WAI Environmental Solutions AS.

Beyonder AS founded in 2016 by its CEO Svein Kvernstuen, develops and produces the next step cells needed in battery technology with high power, fast charging and long lifetime for industry and commercial infrastructure. Visit www.beyonder.no 

Tschudi Bio Company AS (TBC) is part of Tschudi Shipping Company – a private shipping company in Norway, since 1883.  TBC’s long-term aim is to combine new green technology with well-known marine solutions that can offer the world as a marketplace and where access to stranded assets can give potential for super profit. TBC has also obtained a license agreement with Glommen Technology to their patented method to produce Cellinfiber, which might be an interesting raw material for SAC. Visit www.tschudibiocompany.com

WAI Environmental Solutions AS is a technology company with headquarter in Horten. Founded in 2017, WAI is developing environmental solutions for closing the circular economy gaps. WAI CarbonWorks pyrolysis factories enable material recycling for sawmills side streams, forest materials, demolition wood and impregnated wood via biochar, activated carbon and renewable energy production. Biochar is recognized as a negative emission technology and has a large range of application in industries and agriculture. Visit www.waies.no

WAI Pyrolysis reactor