BIOANODE: Convert Biomass to Hard Carbon as Sodium Ion Battery Anode

BIOANODE: Convert Biomass to Hard Carbon as Sodium Ion Battery Anode

BIOANODE project (Conversion of BIOmass resource from forest industry into hard carbons as greener sodium ion battery ANODE, 341080) is a 3-year research project funded by the Research Council of Norway. WAI is the project owner and SINTEF Energy Research and Norwegian University of Science and Technology are our research partners.

The overall objective of the BIOANODE project is to realize conversion of biomass resource from forest industry into hard carbons as anode materials for greener sodium ion battery production. The project will include bioresource selection and pre-treatment, biocarbon production, hard carbon production, and hard carbon performance assessment.

WAI Environmental Solutions AS, WAI, ( is a Norwegian technology company with headquarter in Tønsberg, offering environmental solutions for pyrolysis treatment of organic materials. Industrial plants called CarbonWorks® produce metallurgical biocarbon and thermal- and electrical-energy. WAI is also involved in several R&D projects involving syngas and biogas technology enhancement, and development of advanced biocarbon products for energy storage.

SINTEF Energy Research, SINTEF ER ( is a part of the SINTEF Group, one of the largest independent research organizations in Europe. SINTEF ER is an institute for applied research focusing on finding solutions related to power production and conversion, transmission/distribution and the end use of conventional and renewable energy. SINTEF ER carries out fundamental and applied research within pyrolysis of biomass for producing biocarbon for different applications, upgrading and reusing process by-products and improving process efficiencies.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, ( has a main profile in science and technology. The Electrochemistry Group at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering works with both fundamental and industrially relevant problem tasks important for the continuous development of a research-based electrochemistry education. Together with SINTEF, the group has built up a large research laboratory within electrochemistry.