WAI’s SynolysCarbon in line with REPowerEU

WAI’s SynolysCarbon in line with REPowerEU

The new geopolitical and energy market reality requires us to drastically accelerate the clean energy transition and increase Europe’s energy independence from unreliable suppliers and volatile fossil fuels.

WAI’s SynolysCarbon technology is perfectly in line with REPowerEU, the Joint European action for more affordable, secure, and sustainable energy.

On March 8, 2022, the European Commission proposed an outline of a plan to make Europe independent from Russian fossil fuels well before 2030, starting with gas, in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The REPowerEU plan targets to increase the resilience of the EU-wide energy system by diversifying gas supplies by larger volumes of biomethane and renewable hydrogen production and imports.

Image Credit: Josh Holder, Karl Russell and Stanley Reed © 2022 The New York Times Company

Commenting on the plan, the Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said:

“We must become independent from Russian oil, coal and gas. We simply cannot rely on a supplier who explicitly threatens us. We need to act now to mitigate the impact of rising energy prices, diversify our gas supply for next winter and accelerate the clean energy transition. The quicker we switch to renewables and hydrogen, combined with more energy efficiency, the quicker we will be truly independent and master our energy system.”

The EVP for the European Green Deal, Frans Timmermans said: “Let’s dash into renewable energy at lightning speed. Renewables are a cheap, clean, and potentially endless source of energy and they create jobs here.”

Our targets with the SynolysCarbon technology are:

  • Double the biogas production in existing and new biogas plants
  • Enable biomethane production from unconventional feedstock such as waste biomass
  • Meet future regulations and reduce emissions for biogas plants
  • Produce high value biocarbon available to decarbonize metallurgical industries
  • Build, own and operate standardized SynolysCarbon design for rapid deployment

We are ready to make a significant contribution to the new EU ambition for biomethane:  

Image Credit: © European Union, 2022 REPowerEU Publication

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