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WAI has a long track record on biocarbon business development. Our knowledge and experience cross forest residue, waste management, metallurgy, process industry, biotech, and renewable energy sectors. To tackle the enormous metallurgical biocarbon market, we are actively looking for business partners to boost biocarbon production in different countries cross the globe.

WAI norway team

Project Development

We are your project development partner for your biocarbon plants. Our technology know-how and biocarbon project development experience can accelerate your project development and minimize commercial risks. We can help with:

Please contact Steinar Danielsen for more information.

Piloting Service

We provide piloting services for your biomass feedstocks. We run pilot tests from 200 g/batch to 500 kg/hour with pyrolysis, agglomeration, and fermentation test units. We have extensive experience on handling a wide range of biomass including organic waste materials.

Please contact Dr. Long Lin for more information.

Carbon Product Development Service

We help customers to turn charcoal fine and biochar into higher value adding products. We develop biogenic carbon products by adjusting feedstocks’ density, particle size, composition, physical strength, surface area, and electrochemical prosperities. We can produce product samples at our test facilities in Norway and China.

Please contact Dr. Ran Tao (Norway) and Selin Zhu (China) for more information.

Injection Biocarbon (IBC)

IBC is designed for injecting into a furnace through injection pipes after pulverization.

Charge Biocarbon (CBC)

With superior compression strength and thermal strength, CBC is designed to be top charged into a furnace. Fixed carbon and volatile contents of CBC can be customized according to end-users’ requests.

Premium Biocarbon (PBC)

PBC is exclusively designed for high-required metallurgical industry. It has a good balance of fixed carbon and volatile contents and maintains high compression strength under high temperatures.