SynoProtein® Products


SynoProtein® product, innovative single-cell protein, is a high-quality and sustainable protein to meet the increasing feed demand for aquaculture, pets, and livestock.

Our SynoProtein® products’ features (nutritional, sustainable, and scalable):

SynoProtein® is developed under a development program funded by Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE-JU) scheme under the Grant Agreement 101112345.

WAI is coordinating a 11-member consortium to assemble the entire value chain from forest residues to feed:

Industrial partners: Bergene Holm, Skretting, WAI; Research partners: DTU, HB, SINTEF Industry, SINTEF Energy Research, NOFIMA, RISE, Norsus and Dechema.

We have developed an innovative carbon-negative process for the conversion of forest residue to single-cell protein as aquafeed and other feed ingredient through carbon capture and use (CCU).

The SynoProtein® products can be alternative sustainable protein sources to meet an increasing demand.

Injection Biocarbon (IBC)

IBC is designed for injecting into a furnace through injection pipes after pulverization.

Charge Biocarbon (CBC)

With superior compression strength and thermal strength, CBC is designed to be top charged into a furnace. Fixed carbon and volatile contents of CBC can be customized according to end-users’ requests.

Premium Biocarbon (PBC)

PBC is exclusively designed for high-required metallurgical industry. It has a good balance of fixed carbon and volatile contents and maintains high compression strength under high temperatures.

Questions about SynoProtein?

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