Biocarbon product development and technology Strategy

WAI is a biogenic carbon product developer using tailer-made technology packages licensed from our partners. We create process innovation through collaboration, positioning the company for large-scale carbon material production.

Metallurgical Biocarbon

WAI metallurgical biocarbon products are designed and engineered for metallurgical industries, such as iron and steel, ferrosilicon, silicon, ferromanganese, ferrochromium, aluminum etc.

BIOANODE - Hard Carbon Precursors

WAI bioanode products are designed and engineered for energy storage applications, primarily in the field of Na-ion battery. The world needs alternative battery technologies to lithium-ion battery and reduce our dependency on lithium.


SynoProtein® product, innovative single-cell protein, is a high-quality and sustainable protein to meet the increasing feed demand for aquaculture, pets, and livestock.

Screw-type continuous pilot pyrolysis

Technology Strategy

We integrate pyrolysis, carbonization, gas reforming, agglomeration, fermentation technologies into in-house developed processes and formulas for biogenic carbon products production. Please contact Dr. Gang Xin for more information.

Research and Development

We would like to challenge status of the quo. R&D activities help us to stay ahead. We have two research facilities: one in Tønsberg, Norway and the other in Suzhou, China. Please contact Dr. Long Lin for more information.

Product Development

We have a strong product development team focusing on fossil carbon replacement products. With own devices and a wide network of analytical institutes, we have well documented our product specifications. Please contact Dr. Ran Tao for more information.

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