CarbonWorks® Biocarbon Production

CarbonWorks® is WAI’s brand name for individual biocarbon production facilities.

The CarbonWorks® process can in-take following feedstocks: forest residue (especially sawmill by-products, such as sawdust, wood chips, bark and shavings), forest logging residues, demolition wood, garden waste,  pulp & paper and biorefinery waste.
Besides biocarbon, CarbonWorks® plants also produce renewable energy in the forms of hot water, steam, electricity.
For electricity production, CarbonWorks® engages an Organic Ranking Cycle (ORC) technology. 
CarbonWorks® plants will be built according to all applicable laws, regulations and standards and addressing all relevant EHS (environment, health and safety) measures.
CarbonWorks® meets all emission requirements using BAT (Best Available Techniques) for cleaning flue gas.
CarbonWorks concept - no ORC - ENGLISH

A standard CarbonWorks® plant can:

process 60,000 tons of sawmill by-products and waste wood annually,

produce 10,000 tons of biocarbon pellets and 55 GWh renewable energy annually,

reduce 33,000 tons CO2 emissions in metallurgical industry annually,

meet new requirements for emissions to air,

reduce 90% truck traffic from sawmill by converting bulky by-products to dense biocarbon pellets,

save sawmill investment on new boilers by supplying hot water to sawmills,

create higher value for sawmill by-products and waste wood, and realize material recycling.

Facility name: WAI biocarbon demonstration plant

Feedstock: different types of biomass

Handling capacity: 300 kg/hour

Commissioning year: 2022

Injection Biocarbon (IBC)

IBC is designed for injecting into a furnace through injection pipes after pulverization.

Charge Biocarbon (CBC)

With superior compression strength and thermal strength, CBC is designed to be top charged into a furnace. Fixed carbon and volatile contents of CBC can be customized according to end-users’ requests.

Premium Biocarbon (PBC)

PBC is exclusively designed for high-required metallurgical industry. It has a good balance of fixed carbon and volatile contents and maintains high compression strength under high temperatures.

Questions about CarbonWorks®?

Please contact Dr. Gang Xin for more information.


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